Another day, Another house

Well, the search for a new house continues.  As I posted before, the first house I rented in Grecia won’t work, so I’m looking for a more suitable place.  I went back yesterday and saw a couple of interesting places:  One was perfect but there’s street noise; the other was a little too funky for me (no hot water for the washer, no bathroom on the second floor, which is where I’d want my bedroom because of the cool air and beautiful view).  I need something before November 1st, so the pressure is on.
I did get a lawyer to help me out of the lease.  Upon my depositing money in his account (which is how everything is paid for here), he went to Mexico on vacation and got stuck in the earthquake and the hurricane.  He’s back now and supposedly on the case.  Keeping my fingers crossed that he can resolve the unreturned security deposit.
QiJian is the healthiest sick dog I’ve ever known. He is full of energy and is eating and pooping.  I’m doing my best to will him to stay happy and with me for as long as possible.
My residency visa has been approved but not granted (?), so I am still waiting.  The $200 I paid on August 22nd, when I came back, according to my lawyer, was the “last step.”  I foolishly thought that I would receive the visa shortly thereafter.  Ah, well, another lesson in how to accept the things we can’t control.
The weather is a bit odd.  Beautiful blue skies in the morning and then hard rain around 2:30 in the pm.
I got another contract with a school district in California after another one of the grants I oversaw was funded.  I’m starting it this month.  I also got accepted to teach English online to Chinese students.  I had turned down previous offers because, due to the 14-hour time difference, I’d be working with students at 4:00 am my time.  The schedule for this one is much better, so I accepted and am just waiting for confirmation.
I’m trying a new approach for ensuring that I have dinner each night.  Up until now, I have been preparing either an entire salmon or tuna at the beginning of the week.  It’s usually gone by Thursday, at which point I skip dinner or have a bowl of cereal– Ah, the elegant lifestyle of the single expat.  It turns out that my housekeeper, who comes once a week, also makes a mean potato tamale; so I’ve asked her to come by tomorrow and cook up a bunch of different types.  It’s a common practice here to have someone come to the house and cook; wages are low, and the food is great.
I know this hasn’t been the most exciting post, but I want to stay on schedule for posting once a week.
Stay tuned, and stay safe among the earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.  From the way CNN was talking, I thought Miami was about to become the new Atlantis.  Glad they dodge the worst of the storm.
Pura Vida!