A Picture Tour of the March for Diversity

Last Sunday was Costa Rica’s yearly diversity parade. It was my first time attending.

I took an uber ride to the area where the march was to end.  At first, I didn’t see anyone; when I got to the main street, I looked to the left and saw the front of the parade marching toward me.  I was impressed to see such a mass of humanity; I later learned that there were around 100,000 marchers.  Yikes!

Let’s Paint San Jose All Colors
Central America Pride
Human Rights for All

The crowd was festive and persistent, despite the occasional downpours. The walkers were many and here, as opposed to in parades in the US, there was very little skin exposed.  This has to do with Costa Ricans being, in general, modest in their appearance.  Or maybe the rain. Aside from the drag queens and a truck with a half-dozen muscle-boys in leather (covered by a rain tarp), the marchers were not the expected (by me) exhibitionists flailing wildly to loud music. They were regular-looking folks out for a good time and a good cause.

The one hunk, lurking to stay dry

There were a few floats, mostly cars and other vehicles repurposed for the event, and spirits were high.  There was Latin music and techno, and lots of free-form dancing.

The crowd was, for the most part, young; or maybe I’m just old. (No comment, please) I didn’t get all the references, but the costumes and painted faces and beards were fun.


Gay Families of Costa Rica
Love Always Wins

The parade ended at the Plaza de la Democracia, where there was a stage and a band.

And, the Israeli guy
And, the gay superhero. I think.