Marching on…

I haven’t posted for a while. At first, it was because not much was happening. Then it was because too much was happening.

I’m beginning my fourth month in my apartment on Hermosa, and I’ve decided to extend for another six. It’s small, conveniently located and meets my needs. I’ve gone from having homes filled with beauty and art to being satisfied with a one-bedroom with a functional, desk, a comfortable reclining chair and a nice bed.  I guess I’m finally becoming more Zen.  I do enjoy the brightness and the view.

I’ve been busy with my consulting and teaching, both of which are very enjoyable. I’m also making great progress with my body, which I kind of forgot to move for a few years. I’m getting the joints and muscles moving again with physical therapy and regular visits to the gym. We’ve been treating the problems radiating from the pinched nerve in my cervical spine through the neck, shoulder and arm.  It turns out that I also have a torn rotator cuff, which, when treated with a steroid injection, stopped the majority of my pain. Who knew? So now, it appears that there’s no need for surgery unless and until the neck gets worse.

As you know, my oldest brother died last October.  Saturday, the 26th, would have been his 76th birthday.  I had my first drink in months and toasted him with a margarita.

My best friend of more than 45 years has been dealing with the onset of dementia. She got to the point where she could no longer live alone.  As the designated health care agent in her living trust (as she was in mine), it has fallen to me to take over her medical decisions and take charge of her health needs and doctors’ visits. With the help of a few of her hard-working friends and her brother, we have moved her into a lovely assisted-living facility in Pasadena, a mile from her former apartment. Last Friday, her neurologist gave us a definitive diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, which, while not surprising, was hard for her to hear. It has been difficult physically and emotionally for all of us. However, what’s important is that she’s in a safe place with competent and compassionate care.

My new hearing aids are my latest toy. My phone calls drop directly into them, and they are rechargeable. However, between the Bluetooth for my hearing aids and the Bluetooth for my car phone system, things get a little wiggy.  I also think the 5G of the phone is too advanced for the car, whose screen keeps freezing. So, Wednesday, I’m taking it into the shop for repairs. I am in the middle of another modern, senior, technology crisis.

I watched two really good Netflix series in Spanish, one from Spain, La Cocinera de Castamar (The Cook of Castamar), and one from Colombia, Distrito Salvaje (Savage District). Since I can’t find anything else interesting and understandable, I’ve been reduced to watching Oscura Deseo (Dark Desire), a misogynistic Mexican telenova, with pretty people speaking clearly between having frequent sex. I really am watching only to improve my Spanish.

I’ve been planning to visit and check out Barcelona, but I also need to go to Costa Rica to ship back the contents of my small storage unit.  Not sure which will happen first.  This should be easier now that restrictions are easing; but traveling, which has been cheap during the pandemic, is becoming pricier. At least they’re reinstituting cooked meals. And, if they drop the mask mandate, people won’t be punching flight attendants in the teeth to assert their freedom.

Be well.

Ciao, for now.