Less is more.

A lot has happened since my last post. 

My things arrived from Costa Rica two months after my trip to crazy. I won’t go into the gory details, since it wouldn’t benefit any of us. I finally have all of my belongings, and that’s what matters.

I’ve been working out regularly, which has really improved my health and body. Between trips to the gym and several months of physical therapy, my back and neck pain are for the most part resolved.  Unfortunately, I will be having shoulder surgery after my September trip back east.  I’ll do the left side first, since I would not be able to function with my right arm in a cast for a month. We’ll see how it goes.

In July, my consulting contract was doubled in scope and price, which made me very happy.  I hadn’t raised my prices with this client in ten years, so it was time. I love the work and, in particular, the principal of the school with which I work. I’m also teaching a few hours per week online just to stay in touch with folks.  So, work is good.

I’ve been in the same small condo now since December 2021. I extended the lease last March for six months and am extending for another six months in October.  This will keep me here through March 2023, after the accreditation visit at the school I’m assisting.  Then, I’ll decide on next steps.

I briefly looked into a two-bedroom place, but prices are high right now. I did find one place but, before I could follow up, it had been rented. I’ve been too busy to do a real search.  Where I am is fine, but I could do without dragging things upstairs to my second-story unit. At least it’s sunny and bright.  And last week, I moved my super-fabulous mattress, which had been sitting in storage since last September, into my bedroom. I now look forward to bedtime.

I’ve watched several shows in Spanish on Netflix, which can be watched in English.  Entrevias, or Wrong side of the tracks, has some wonderful Spanish actors; two of them worked together in Vivir sin permiso, Live without permission. I’m now watching La Casa de Papel, or MoneyHeist, which is about a group of thieves who plan a complicated heist in the country’s mint (as in, printer of money). I’ve avoided my old habits of getting hooked on American shows; I justify the Spanish shows as a way of keeping up my language skills.  I will, however, succumb to the temptation to watch the new Game of Thrones series; I’m a huge fan of the original and all of the books (until Martin stopped writing them). It’s worth watching for the production value alone.

It’s been quite hot here, as one expects in Palm Springs.  Recently, the temperature went down but the humidity went way up. It was intolerable. I do miss the weather in Escazu, where it never got too hot or too cold and there was always a cool breeze.  I went from not having or needing air conditioning to paying $300 per month for it.

Almost everyone I know or know of has had Covid. The vaccine seems to be working as promised, as it’s keeping infected, vaccinated people out of the hospitals. I’ve had my two original shots and my two boosters; I haven’t been masking, except for doctors’ offices and clinics. I keep a mask on me in case I feel the need to wear it, so I’m good.

I have always been very attached to my homes and my beautiful things, but living in furnished apartments has made me oddly detached from the decorations in my condo.  Don’t get me wrong: I haven’t devolved into a complete savage; I do need to live in well-appointed surroundings. It’s just that I have lost the desire to invest in pretty things and display them. Had this occurred some years back, I might have saved a lot of money. Ah well, less is more.

I recently read Book of Night, by Holly Black, which is her first novel for adult readers. She writes well about a young female thief in a world recently imbued with magic.  And I have to say, it has the BEST ENDING EVER!  I also read the Inheritance of Orquidea Divina, by Zorrida Cordova, and am now reading The Poppy War, by R.F. Kuang, a Chinese-American fantasy novel.

I decided to take some pictures (for the blog) of a particularly bright, blue sky with puffy clouds. The light was blinding, so I just kept taking photos; I figured at least one would work out. When I got home, I found 10 selfies of my face. Oh, well. They will not be posted.

I find myself feeling settled for the first time in a long time. I’m letting go of the constant stress and paying attention to my habitual responses to events. It’s amazing how calmer I feel when I don’t indulge in rumination and imagining disaster scenarios.

Again, less is more.