My Post-Op World

I made it!

Yes, I had the surgery, and it went well. My captivity in Florida, due to Delta’s monthly canceling of all flights, gave me the perfect opportunity to have a state-of-the-art procedure (hard to find even at other US hospitals) by a renowned urologist.  I received excellent medical care, if, at times, horrible customer service. I am on the mend and obsessed with the quantity and quality of my urine. Looking forward to getting over that soon.

The procedure entailed using laser technology to access the prostate via the urethra and remove a sizable amount of tissue. An earlier iteration, known as a green-light, removes pressure on the urethra but gathers no tissue.  The HoLEP, on the other hand moves prostate tissue into the bladder and removes enough to biopsy. It appears that I am prostate-cancer-free.

So, it’s done.

Two weeks ago, I helped my brother and sister-in-law move into a new house. This stressful experience, hard enough without pandemic, pending surgery, and quarantine, was extremely challenging but successful. The new house is beautiful and airy, with a lovely pool and spa (which I will not be allowed to enter for at least a month). I am happy for them and grateful to be so elegantly housed. So I now have two major stressors off my plate.

Costa Rica, through careful planning and compliance, has had a very low number of covid cases and deaths. I have two friends who are doctors who have kept me up to date. The hospitals have started closing the extra wards opened to accommodate coronavirus patients. However, it appears now that, with restrictions easing, there’s a second wave. There’s also a war of words between CR and Nicaragua, whose president denies the existence of covid in his country. A not insubstantial number of Nicaraguans entering CR, in fact, have tested positive. For this reason, the president of CR extended the border-closing (hard to enforce with a 300-mile porous border anyway), and Daniel Ortega, the famous former Sandinista, is blaming and accusing CR’s president for causing problems. Sound familiar?

As for flights to CR, Delta is not going to start flying until tourists are allowed and willing to travel. The border is scheduled to open on July 1, but quien sabe (who knows?).  United is flying now and charging an arm and a leg.

I must say that I have enjoyed the companionship, generosity and care of my family. As much as I miss my solitude at times, it’s wonderful to be in a loving environment. I am still seeking the ideal, or most ideal possible, living situation, and this visit has been revelatory. I am a bit tired of doing everything alone, and I would like my next move to include the proximity and/or companionship of people about whom I care and who care about me.  (There are so few.) So the quest continues.

Gay marriage became legal in CR on May 25th, as required for signatories of the American Convention of Human Rights. CR is the sixth Latin American country and the first Central American country to comply.  I just thought I’d mention one happy event in order to take one’s mind off, even momentarily, the ongoing orchestration of the US’s devolution into civil disorder, lack of decency and reason, and rule by bullying. Who’d a thunk it would happen here or that we’d see it in our lifetime?

I finished two seasons of Magicians on Netflix; the first was fun and the second OK. They keep inventing new plotlines in order to keep going, but season 3 just looks silly. Let me know if you’ve seen it and if it’s any good.

Most of my time is spent planning and teaching classes, reading, and helping around the house.

Oh, and did I tell you I was shrinking? Sigh.

Ciao for now.