“Don’t forget to look down when you sneeze. The virus dies when it hits the ground”

Well, it appears that my sojourn in Florida is coming to an end.  I came in March in order to shelter in place with family and near a great hospital.  I had a great time with family, and I had a successful surgery at the hospital.

But it’s time to go.

As I have mentioned, Delta (and other airlines) refuse to fly to countries where there are bans on tourists. Every time the government of Costa Rica extends the ban, Delta cancels its flights.  They canceled my reservation first in April, then May, and then June.  I had a reservation on Saturday, July 4th; but, on Friday, the tourism ban was extended through July.  But, this time, Delta transferred my reservation to United, which has continued to fly during the pandemic.

So, here I go. One way or another, I’ll be back by Sunday.

I must admit to mixed feelings.  I actually hoped I would get and survive covid while here.  I have been tested, both for the virus and the antibodies, and that didn’t happen. And now the numbers are increasing dramatically both in Florida and Costa Rica; in Florida because of negligence, and in Costa Rica because of the influx of infected Nicaraguans.  Daniel Ortega, that famous Sandinista who is now president, decided to ignore the coronavirus and neither build nor support infrastructure to fight the disease. He even offered $300 per citizen to cross the border and get treated in Costa Rica.  So, as the situation deteriorates in Nicaragua, its citizens, with no money, food or shelter, are pouring in for medical care. It’s a mess.  The northern part of CR is under orange alert, and the numbers of cases, which were consistently low for months, are now on the rise.

I, however, will be self-quarantining in my home. I am looking forward to my wonderful bed and the more agreeable climate.  I will miss the loving insanity of family life, but I will enjoy the solitude. And I need to return in order to plan and implement the next stage of my life.

I have written some fables to serve as cautionary tales in these perilous times. When I asked my nephew how to get the word out via social media, he offered to make a youtube video. We had fun, and I particularly like the juxtaposition of an old guy reading while his story is punctuated by playful visual and sound effects. One dear friend described it as a psychedelic Mr. Rogers. Cool, huh?

Check it out.

Stay well, and let’s zoom soon.